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Welcome to the home of J. M. Rubino Transit Consulting and Expert Testimony, experts in the Taxi, Taxicab, Limousine, NEMT and Paratransit Industries. We have strong expertise in all modes of passenger transport involving both the public and private sector, including:

  • Taxi, Taxicab, Limousine, Executive Car, and all Premium Car Services
  • ADA Paratransit, Ambulette, and NEMT - Non-Emergency Medical Transport
  • Shuttles: Airport/Parking/Employee/Hotel Shuttles, Courtesy Connectors, etc.
  • Bus, both Charter and Transit
  • Medicaid Transportation Brokers and Private Pay Hospital Transportation

Company Principal

Joseph M. Rubino is one the nation’s premier transit consultants and has worked on projects involving ground passenger transportation in 47 states. Mr. Rubino, whose career in the industry has spanned 41 years, first as an executive and now as a consultant, not only has great expertise in transit operations, business development, and regulatory issues, but he is also one of the most sought-after informational and motivational speakers in the industry. His expertise includes motor coach, taxicab, limousine, paratransit, non-emergency medical van, wheelchair lift van, shuttle van, and all similar forms of livery. His expert witness experience includes cases involving traffic accidents, passenger injuries, employee/employer disputes, as well as transportation regulatory issues. He is a featured columnist in the Transportation Leader, the Taxicab, Limousine, and Paratransit Association’s (TLPA) quarterly magazine, and has also spoken at every TLPA convention since 2000. He has published more than 450 articles on the transit industry and has made more than 200 industry speeches or presentations.

A pioneer in the fields of both paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation, Mr. Rubino and his team, in the 1970's and early 80's, created many of the industry protocols and procedures which are now utilized nationwide as best practices. Mr. Rubino has worked on nationwide consulting projects for the Federal Transit Administration, the Transportation Research Board, the Veterans Administration, Easter Seals Project Action, and the TLPA. He has also conducted training seminars for both the Michigan and Virginia state DOTs, and has worked with industry regulators in Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, New York, Connecticut, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and Washington, DC.

Expert Witness Testimony and Expert Opinion Reports

Mr. Rubino provides expert opinions in a manner that is unique from other experts in the industry. He is able to comment on company management policies, driver behavior, passenger care, and the difference between what a company is required to do and what is merely desired behavior. This distinction is critical in the case of accidents or passenger injuries involving taxicabs, limousines, medical vans, airport or courtesy shuttles, or paratransit vehicles.​​ Mr. Rubino also can provide expert opinions on regulatory issues,​ and can analyze company business plans to determine the probability of a proposed company succeeding or failing, and whether or not the company will actually serve its targeted population.

We Have Provided Expert Witness Services on the Following Cases
  • Linden, NJ, Kimberly Wilson v. Linden Yellow Cab, Docket No. UNN-L-4311-12
  • Reno, NV- 2nd Judicial District CT, Cheeseman v. Reno Cab C., Case No. CV13-02220
  • Richmond, IN, State of Indiana, Doerflein v Care-a-Van, No. 89C01-1206-CT-000027
  • Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, Case No. 14-00061-TRP
  • Denver, CO, State of Colorado, Public Utilities Commission, Docket No. 13A-1094 CP
  • Cleveland, OH- James Johnson vs. Mobil Martin, County Court Case No. CV-13-803833
  • Buffalo, NY- City of Buffalo Taxicab Regulatory Hearing re: credit card acceptance
  • Bloomington, IL- City of Bloomington Taxicab Regulatory Meeting re: ordinances
  • Prince George County, VA, Hartung v Kuru, Circuit Court Case No. CAL 13-17841
  • Savannah, GA- City Taxicab Regulatory Hearing re: Savannah Taxicab Association
  • Atlanta, GA- Graham v. Mitchell, Lord & Myers- Civil Action File No. 11A40281-1
  • Mashantucket, CT, Barbara Gryder vs. Nautilus Development, Inc., Claim #YKQ KAM 48007
  • Boise, ID- Roberts v. J & A Transport, Inc.- Case No. CV PI 1209051
  • Yonkers, NY- Carlos Sostre v. D & J Trans., NY State Supreme Court Case No. 306783/10
  • Dover, DE- McKinney v. DART, Delaware Superior Court, Case No. N12C-10-037 JOH
  • Hoboken, NJ- Mandel v. Tunnel Taxi Management- State of New Jersey, Civil Court
  • Brooklyn, NY- Walden v. Almaz Trans, NY Supreme Court, Index No. 500634/2011
  • St. Cloud, MN, Tumberg v. Stradtmann & Care Home Serv,Court File No.: 73-CV-12-11627
  • Las Vegas, NV, Carmen vs. Union Cab, Clark Co. District Court, Case No. A-12-661369-C
  • Cleveland, OH, Wilson vs. Max's Transportation, Claim No. 33 CBLG 11002976
  • Milwaukee, WI, Clinton Peters vs. City Wide Transit, Inc. Case No. 13 CV 000048012- New Orleans, LA,
  • New Orleans City Council Reform of Taxicab Ordinance Section 162
  • Boca Raton, FL, Magistrate hearing re: Taxi Taxi's application for operating authority
  • New Orleans, LA, New Orleans City Council Reform of Taxicab Ordinance Section 162
  • Sylvania Township, OH- City Council evaluation of Toledo Area Regional Transit Agency
  • Toledo, OH- Lucas County Commission’s study of TARTA & MRDD Transit
  • Dover, DE, Circuit Court, Janusz v. Delaware Regional Transit Agency (DART)
  • Atlanta, GA, State Court of Fulton County, Civil Action File No. 12-EV-014280-Y
  • Morristown, NJ- Estate of Jean McNeil vs Pulse Transportation, Docket No.ESX-L-9407-10
  • Salt Lake City, UT- Abdikadir Ahmed vs. Gloria Munoz & Yellow Cab. Case No. 110409984
  • Denver, Colorado. The American Arbitration Association, Case No. 77 116 00105 09
  • Coos Bay, Oregon, City Ordinance No. 311, Taxicab Regulation
  • Anchorage, Alaska, Superior Court, 3rd Judicial District, Case No. 3AN-09-5402
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark County District Court, Case No. A-09-598787-C
  • Biloxi, MS, Harrison County Motor Vehicles For-Hire Commission
  • Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division: Essex County, Docket no. ESX-L-5771-08
  • Brooke County, West Va, Circuit Court, Civil Action No. 10-C-31
  • Montgomery County, MD, Osborne vs. Challenger Transportation, BLC-KBPTT-0000943
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark County District Court, Case No. A09-605985-B
  • Alexandria, VA, Circuit Court, Carpenter vs. M&R Taxi, Inc. Case No. CL10004789
  • City of Des Moines, Iowa, City Council Roll Call Numbers 10-1462, 10-1463
  • The Commonwealth of Mass, Suffolk, Superior Court, Civil Action No. 2010-210
  • State of Colorado, Public Utilities Commission, Docket No. 08A-407 CP
  • Kentucky, Dept of Vehicle Regulation, Frankfort, KY., Docket 08-165 William D. Spears d/b/a Franklin Taxi
  • Kentucky, Dept of Vehicle Regulation, Frankfort, KY., Docket 08-166 Bowling Green Shuttle Service, Inc.
  • Kentucky, Dept of Vehicle Regulation, Frankfort, KY., Docket 08-170 Bowling Green Senior Transportation
  • Kentucky, Dept of Vehicle Regulation, Frankfort, KY., Docket 08-194 Komfort Kabs
  • Montgomery County, Ohio, Common Pleas Court, Case No. 2008-CV-08420
  • District Court, Charleston, South Carolina, Case Number 2007-0746
  • State of Colorado, Public Utilities Commission, Docket No. 08A-479 CP
  • Maricopa County Superior Court, State of Arizona, NO. CV 2006-00621
  • State of Colorado, Public Utilities Commission, Docket No. 08A-300 CP
  • State of Colorado, Public Utilities Commission, Docket No. 08A-284 CP
  • State of Colorado, Public Utilities Commission, Docket No. 08A-283 CP
  • State of Colorado, Public Utilities Commission, Docket No. 08A-281 CP
  • State of Colorado, Public Utilities Commission, Docket No. 08A-241 CP
  • Metropolitan Washington, DC, Council of Governments, New Freedom Program


Allen Weatherilt. GM. United Taxi. Clearwater, FL

Joe Rubino is the King Solomon of the taxi industry. I have 52 years in the taxicab business, but I am always amazed by his wisdom, knowledge, and the clarity in which he communicates his messages...

Bill Scalzi, Pres., Metro Transportation, W. Haven, CT.​

"I've been in this business for more than 30 years, and yet I get new ideas every time I speak to Joe. I can't implement them fast enough."

Brad Parker, Parker & McConkie, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Mr. Rubino is the finest expert I have worked with in 33 years of practicing law. I have never seen an expert handle an attorney's questions with such dexterity. I was literally stunned watching his deposition. A very experienced opposing counsel was completely overmatched. When the deposition was over, I thought "I definitely found the right guy."

Richard Fanyo, Dufford & Brown, Denver, CO

"Joe’s knowledge and expertise in passenger transportation is outstanding. His demeanor under cross examination by aggressive opposing counsel was professional, thoughtful and enthusiastic. He was cooperative and easy to work with."

Joseph Nogay, Sellitti, Nogay, & McCune, Weirton, WV

"When Joe provided his initial review of our case, I thought 'this man really knows his onions.' His knowledge of the nuances of the transportation industry was very helpful to our case. We wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Rubino as an expert witness."

James Conrad, CEO, Global Transportation. Florida

"Joe's knowledge of private sector transit operations is beyond what I have ever seen in this industry. Whether you are running taxis, buses, livery, or paratransit, Joe can help you increase your earnings and your profits."

Briant G. Mildenhall, Katz Stepp Wright & Fleming, Atlanta, GA

""Our clients were extremely pleased with the settlement. Your efforts and help along the way gave us the firepower we needed to put even more pressure on the Defendants to pay more for the settlement. Our settlement value more than doubled thanks in part to your efforts and developments in the case over the past year."

Les Syren, Syren Law, Anchorage, AK

“We found Joe through another attorney who had used him to obtain a multi-million dollar verdict. The defendants weren’t budging until Joe showed up. He put together certain facts that were staring us right in the face but that we weren’t using. If your case involves a for-hire vehicle, you should hire Joe before the other side does.”

J.M. Rubino Consulting
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