Expert Witness Testimonials
“We can’t thank Joe enough. My co-counsel and I thought we had a pretty good handle on the issues of the case, until Joe explained a few points we had missed. We used this new angle to hammer the other side. At his deposition, he was thrown every curve ball imaginable by a very well-qualified defense attorney, and he hit every one out of the park. He’s a charismatic witness and has instant jury appeal, which you can gather just by talking to him on the phone. ” Daniel Libbey, Libbey Law, Anchorage, AK

“Joe’s credentials in the non-emergency transport industry speak volumes, and defense counsel respect and appreciate his opinions. Joe is quick to find facts and evidence in cases that will add pressure points to the opposing side, and he has a knack for presenting this information in a persuasive way. Joe was a pleasure to work with, and was helpful in all phases of the case.” Briant G. Mildenhall, Katz Stepp Wright, Atlanta, GA

“Joe’s knowledge and expertise in passenger transportation is outstanding. His demeanor under cross examination by aggressive opposing counsel was professional, thoughtful and enthusiastic. He was cooperative and easy to work with." Richard Fanyo, Dufford & Brown, Denver, CO

“When we first spoke to Joe, he told us that his cases often settle in his client’s favor immediately after his deposition. We found out he was not exaggerating. Our opposing counsel took his depo, decided it was suicide to put Joe in front of a jury, and offered our client a settlement the very next day. Thanks, Joe!” James Pilkey, Payne Pilkey, P.C., Ft Lauderdale, FL

“Mr. Rubino- Thank you for your excellent work as an Expert Witness. We were able to win our case based on your testimony. Your explanation of the difference between what was an obligation on the part of the taxicab company and what was merely a desirable outcome was the difference in the eyes of the judge." Thomas Stonlin, Stonlin & Druckerman, P.C.

“When Joe provided his initial review of our case, I thought 'this man really knows his onions.' His knowledge of the nuances of the transportation industry was very helpful to our case. We wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Rubino as an expert witness." Joseph Nogay, Sellitti, Nogay, & McCune, Weirton, WV

“Joe, your prediction came true, as our case settled to our client's satisfaction shortly after your deposition. You did a great job, and I got along with you fantastically. Thanks again!" Patrick E. Mahoney, Mahoney Law, PLLC, Boise, Idaho

“We found Joe through another attorney who had used him to obtain a multi-million dollar verdict. They say you can get something inexpensively, quickly and thoroughly, but not all three at once. Joe is the exception to that rule. The defendants weren’t budging until Joe showed up. He put together certain facts that were staring us right in the face but that we weren’t using. If your case involves a for-hire vehicle, you should hire Joe before the other side does.” Les Syren, Syren Law, Anchorage, AK

“Our clients were extremely pleased with the settlement. Your efforts and help along the way gave us the firepower we needed to put even more pressure on the Defendants to pay more for the settlement. Our settlement value more than doubled thanks in part to your efforts and developments in the case over the past year." Briant G. Mildenhall, Katz Stepp Wright & Fleming, Atlanta, GA

“Joe, I’m pleased to report that we settled our case to our client's satisfaction. Your fine report was a catalyst for getting opposing counsel to become reasonable. Thank you for your able assistance." Thomas Hope, Franklin & Smith, LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio

Consulting Testimonials

"Put Joe's years of experience to work for you! He has some great ideas on recruiting drivers and, more importantly, keeping them in your cabs. He's already been effective in many cities around the country."Dwight Kines, VP/General Manager, Veolia/Yellow Transportation, Baltimore, MD.

“Joe Rubino is the King Solomon of the taxi industry. I have 52 years in the taxi business, but I am always amazed by his wisdom, knowledge and the clarity in which he communicates his messages...” Allen Weatherilt, GM, United Taxi, Clearwater, FL.

“Mr. Rubino, your presentation was excellent, very informative and I learned a lot from the great ideas that you mentioned. I would encourage all transportation authorities to see your presentation, and also to let you help to train their drivers. You really do a good job!” Burhan Al-Shaikh, Director, For-Hire Transportation, Charlotte, NC. Police Dept.

“Mr. Rubino: It was a pleasure meeting you at the seminar conference last week. I enjoyed your presentation and the conference was certainly worth every penny. We would be very interested in any help you can provide us in the New Orleans ground transportation market. We look forward to hopefully working with you on this effort. I definitely want to hire you to spearhead this project for us.” Aaron Dirks, Owner, Limousine Livery, New Orleans, LA

“Joe’s speech was the best presentation I have ever seen in 26 years in the transportation business.” Kisan Khandelwal, President, Crown Cab, Charlotte, NC.

"I want to thank Joe Rubino for being our technical advisor on grant proposal. Joe’s vast expertise and creativity were tremendous advantages to us in this process. He is a pleasure to work with, and we hope to be able to work with him again on future projects." Don Havird, Capitol City Cab, Columbia, SC

“Joe Rubino is a seasoned leader who knows how to create and implement true mobility management. Joe is accomplished at developing and implementing plans to enhance your local service.” Edward Steinberg, President (Ret.), Metro Transportation, Miami, FL.

“Using Joe Rubino’s advice, our driver turnover has dropped from over 100% to less than 15%. We have been able to grow our taxi fleet from 33 drivers to 47 drivers. Every time I talk to Joe, I always come away with advice that I can use to improve my bottom line.” Dick Leshley, President, Yellow Cab, Coos Bay, OR.

“With your background in transportation services, we're lucky to have you on board as our consultant. Thanks again for everything.” Jacqueline Ryan, Contract Officer, South Broward County Hospital District (Fla)

“Joe Rubino’s passionate approach to driver standards and service quality played a large role in our recent successful initiative. Mr. Rubino has great knowledge of the industry, and he was able to make a strong contribution to our successful efforts.” Jack Bewley, President, Yellow/Checker Cab, Dallas, TX.

“Your presentation captured and held the attention of drivers, management, social services and the rest of us in the industry. I would encourage anyone in the taxicab industry to solicit your talents.” Terri Joelle Chambers, Chief Taxi Inspector, For-Hire Vehicle Dept., Charlotte, NC.

“After I heard Mr. Rubino speak, I wanted to jump in my cab and tell the whole world I was a cab driver. I had never before been so proud of my profession.” Mestin Vilmy, Taxicab Driver, Charlotte, NC.

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