"Mr. Rubino is the finest expert I have worked with in 33 years of practicing law. I have never seen an expert handle an attorney's questions with such dexterity. I was literally stunned watching his deposition. A very experienced opposing counsel was completely overmatched. When the deposition was over, I thought "I definitely found the right guy." Brad Parker, Parker & McConkie, Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Joe’s expertise in the for-hire transportation industry is unparalleled. His opinions are well reasoned and difficult to challenge. Joe’s expert analysis will help the litigator develop a solid discovery and litigation plan, and, ultimately, bring the case to resolution. Joe is a true professional at a reasonable fee, easy to communicate with, and his work product is of highest caliber.” Bradley A. Springer, Holt Mynatt Martinez,Las Cruces, NM

"I had the pleasure of working with Joe Rubino on a difficult liability case against a bus transport company in Orlando, Florida. Joe's expertise was invaluable in crystallizing the issues and theories of liability. The case was resolved in mediation, in large part, due to Joe's involvement and willingness to participate in trial, if necessary. I recommend his services unequivocally and without hesitation." Scott W. Leeds, The Cochran Firm

“I retained Joe in a case where an intoxicated cab driver caused a fatal accident. Joe was instrumental in helping defend the negligent entrustment and negligent hiring claims against my client. He prepared a compelling expert report and also provided valuable insight on how to cross-examine plaintiff’s expert.” David J. Kellerman, Louisville, KY Attorney

"Mr. Rubino was absolutely wonderful to work with. We knew we had the right expert when opposing counsel attempted to contact him after we had just retained him. Joe can find case issues you may not even know exist. Our attorney was “very pleased.” We look forward to engaging him in the future.” Parks Place Legal Nurse Consulting - Las Vegas, NV

"Mr. Rubino- Our case was very difficult as not only did the police originally find our client at fault but, to make matters worse, our firm was not hired until two years after the accident. However, with your assistance, we were able to convince the other side to settle in our client's favor. Our success at mediation could not have been realized without your assistance. On behalf of our client and her family, we thank you." David W. Craig, Craig, Kelly, & Faultless, Indianapolis, IN

"Our clients were extremely pleased with the settlement. Your efforts and help along the way gave us the firepower we needed to put even more pressure on the Defendants to pay more for the settlement. Our settlement value more than doubled thanks in part to your efforts and developments in the case over the past year." Briant G. Mildenhall, Katz Stepp Wright & Fleming, Atlanta, GA

“We can’t thank Joe enough. My co-counsel and I thought we had a pretty good handle on the issues of the case, until Joe explained a few points we had missed. We used this new angle to hammer the other side. At his deposition, he was thrown every curve ball imaginable by a very well-qualified defense attorney, and he hit every one out of the park. He’s a charismatic witness and has instant jury appeal, which you can gather just by talking to him on the phone. ” Daniel Libbey, Libbey Law, Anchorage, AK

"Joe’s knowledge and expertise in passenger transportation is outstanding. His demeanor under cross examination by aggressive opposing counsel was professional, thoughtful and enthusiastic. He was cooperative and easy to work with." Richard Fanyo, Dufford & Brown, Denver, CO

"When Joe provided his initial review of our case, I thought 'this man really knows his onions.' His knowledge of the nuances of the transportation industry was very helpful to our case. We wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Rubino as an expert witness." Joseph Nogay, Sellitti, Nogay, & McCune, Weirton, WV

“Here’s the best way I can explain how good Joe Rubino is. Our firm joined with another in bringing an action before the court. Joe was the other firm’s expert witness, and I had mine ready to fly in that evening. When Joe took the witness stand, he tore apart the opposition’s case, totally frustrating 3 opposing attorneys in 6 hours of testimony. I called my expert and told him to cancel his flight. In other words, Joe helped win my case and he was not even my expert!” Charles M. Williams, PC, Denver CO

“We found Joe through another attorney who had used him to obtain a multi-million dollar verdict. The defendants weren’t budging until Joe showed up. He put together certain facts that were staring us right in the face but that we weren’t using. If your case involves a for-hire vehicle, you should hire Joe before the other side does.” Les Syren, Syren Law, Anchorage, AK

“Joe’s credentials in the non-emergency transport industry speak volumes, and defense counsel respect and appreciate his opinions. Joe is quick to find facts and evidence in cases that will add pressure points to the opposing side, and he has a knack for presenting this information in a persuasive way. Joe was a pleasure to work with, and was helpful in all phases of the case.” Briant G. Mildenhall, Katz Stepp Wright, Atlanta, GA

"Joe, I’m pleased to report that we settled our case to our client's satisfaction. Your fine report was a catalyst for getting opposing counsel to become reasonable. Thank you for your able assistance." Thomas Hope, Franklin & Smith, LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio

“When we first spoke to Joe, he told us that his cases often settle in his client’s favor immediately after his deposition. We found out he was not exaggerating. Our opposing counsel took his depo, decided it was suicide to put Joe in front of a jury, and offered our client a settlement the very next day. Thanks, Joe!” James Pilkey, Payne Pilkey, P.C., Ft Lauderdale, FL

“Joe Rubino is the King Solomon of the for-hire industry. I have 52 years in this industry, but I am always amazed by his wisdom, knowledge and the clarity in which he communicates his messages...” Allen Weatherilt, GM, United Taxi, Clearwater, FL.

"Joe, your prediction came true, as our case settled to our client's satisfaction shortly after your deposition. You did a great job, and I got along with you fantastically. Thanks again!" Patrick E. Mahoney, Mahoney Law, PLLC, Boise, Idaho

"Mr. Rubino- Thank you for your excellent work as an Expert Witness. We were able to win our case based on your testimony. Your explanation of industry standards and how those standards were met was the difference in the eyes of the jury." Thomas Stonlin, Stonlin & Druckerman, P.C.

“With your background in transportation services, we're lucky to have you on board as our consultant. Thanks again for everything.” Jacqueline Ryan, Contract Officer, South Broward County Hospital District (Fla.)

“Mr. Rubino, your presentation was excellent, very informative and I learned a lot from the great ideas that you mentioned. I would encourage all transportation authorities to see your presentation, and also to let you help to train their drivers. You really do a good job!” Burhan Al-Shaikh, Charlotte, NC., Director of For-Hire Vehicle Transportation

"As a consultant, I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Rubino on a number of occasions. His knowledge and dedication to the ground transportation industry is most impressive and he is able to convey that real world knowledge in a thoughtful and easy to understand manner." Ken Hosen, Principal, the KFH Group, Bethesda, MD.

“Your presentation captured and held the attention of drivers, management, social services and the rest of us in the industry. I would encourage any municipality to solicit your talents.” Terri Joelle Chambers, For- Hire Vehicle Department, Charlotte, NC

J.M. Rubino Transit Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony

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