Joe Rubino Is an Expert, and an Industry Leader

Joe Rubino is a frequent speaker at major conferences of national industry organizations, including the Taxicab, Limousine, & Paratransit Association (TLPA). He has spoken at the TLPA annual convention every year since 2000. In addition, Mr. Rubino is quoted regularly in national media. His comments on the passenger transportation industry have appeared in Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg News, the Guardian, Scripps Howard News Service, Watchdog.org, the Miami Herald, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, the Orlando Sentinel, the Florida Times Union, the Saint Augustine Record, the Washington Times, the Huffington Post, the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Dallas Morning News, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Denver Post, The Toledo Blade, the Transportation Leader, TLC Magazine, Long-Term Living Magazine, CBS News Ohio, Fox News Ohio, and in many other media outlets.

Taxicab 101- Our Government Trademarked Training Program is the Industry's Finest

Driver Recruitment and Processing - Most of a taxicab company's new driver recruits are gone in a month or two. Taxicab 101 addresses, and succeeds in overcoming that problem. This program includes meeting with managers and staff and providing special instruction on Recruiting, Applicant Processing, and Candidate Retention. Included are samples of successful ads, and also an easy-to-use chart which allows your staff to track progress, and not lose track of your applicants/candidates.

Driver Training and Retention - Our entrepreneurial approach teaches your independent contractor recruits how to make money from the first day they are on the road. New drivers are quickly brought to a level they would not normally reach until they were on the road for months. And this program is valuable for veteran drivers too, even if they feel they don't need help. Their level of success will immediately improve after attending this training. We guarantee that after attending the Taxicab 101 Training class, even your most jaded veteran drivers will tell you that this was the finest taxicab training class they have ever attended.

Driver Training in the Rogue App Era - We all know that rogue apps like Uber have provided a real threat to our industry. However, there are lessons to be learned from this situation which can actually be used to help to build your business. To grow you business above your current level, you have to do some outside-the-box thinking. Regardless of the fact that rogue apps may act illegally, Uber and their ilk have used salesmanship and technology to create market share. We can show you and your drivers how to use those same concepts to your company's advantage, and to improve your product offerings while growing your own market share.

Getting Staff to Follow Your Vision - Does it drive you crazy when an employee's action sends you into repair mode? Does a 2-second decision end up costing you 2 hours trying to un-do the damage? It might be a member of the call center, office staff, a mechanic or even a driver. Their unfortunate words or actions may have cost you a regular rider, a commercial client, an important local relationship or hundreds, even thousands of dollars. This is a problem we all face from time to time. We have a special training class that deals with this exact issue, and trains your employees to look at their job, and look at their company, in a different light than they previously have. I train them to start to think they way you do, and not only will this solve many recurring problems, but it will elevate the quality of their work, and make your company stronger.

Customer Service - CSR Training - Like we do with taxi drivers, Call Center Phone Operators/Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are taught to perform their jobs from a business standpoint. They are taught the importance of their position as it relates to the success of your company. CSR's are trained to overcome one of the major challenges in any company- dealing with unsatisfied clients quickly, at the first level, and before the problem becomes a major one which will hurt your business. Your call center managers will find that their jobs will become easier after their staff attends this class, and that they may no longer have to deal with simple customer service issues that should be solved immediately at the first level.

"The Chicken and the Egg" - We have a powerful and effective program for growing your company and increasing your bottom line. Our unique program is aimed at building both of your "customer bases", your front seat (drivers) and back seat (passengers) simultaneously. In the taxicab business, you cannot build a passenger base without having the right number of drivers, and vice versa. Without keeping your current drivers or adding more new drivers, you won't be able to service more new passengers. You need the chicken to produce the egg, and you need the egg to produce the chicken. We teach you and your staff the concepts, methods, and techniques necessary to accomplish those goals.

Business Development - We start by teaching your company how to build a basic core of commercial and residential taxicab business, and then teach you how to branch out into things like contracting and outsourcing. We provide training on business growth through both public and private sector contracting, outsourcing, and identification of under-the-radar opportunities. Formal materials called your "Sales Toolbox" are provided for your company's use: Sales letters, sample ads, promotional ideas and techniques, and printed materials to help close sales and contracts. We meet with owners/managers/sales staff regarding business vision, and setting both Short-term and Long-term Sales Goals. Finally, an Action Plan for business growth will be established.

Getting FTA Grant Funding in the MAP-21 Era - While the New Freedom and JARC Calls for Projects, along with the competitive proposal process, has mostly disappeared under MAP-21, that does not mean that your opportunities for FTA funding have disappeared. The bad news is that the Call for Projects, competing for funding for wheelchair-accessible vehicles or other typical JARC/New Freedom requests, is gone. The good news is there is still a very simple method that some would say is actually a lot easier than before. I can describe this very simple method, then train you and your staff how to conceive a project and apply for project funding. Hundreds of thousands of $$$ are available and, sometimes, all you have to do is ask for it.

Growing Your Business Through Technology and Joint Ventures - Some TLPA members are beginning to grow their businesses in two new ways: 1) Using technologies they already have to expand their service areas, and to operate contracts from remote locations. This is not difficult to do and is much easier than you may think 2) By joint venture partnering with other TLPA members, you can combine your infrastructure with their particular status (Veteran owned, Woman owned, Minority owned, etc.) to work together with that company to compete jointly for RFP's that your two companies individually would not necessarily win. Again, in this technology and information age, joint ventures are much easier than one might think.

Taxicab 101 and Taxi Tips

Taxi Tips- A Weekly Business Lesson for Independent Contract Taxicab Drivers.

Taxi Tips consists of 4 weekly editions per month, 12 months per year, e-mailed to your company, in which we cover a specific business lesson. These editions are normally written in the form of a short story which illustrates a particular method of building income. The lessons span the spectrum of entrepreneurial skills, including daily preparation, sales techniques, building repeat business, best business practices, customer service techniques, dealing with adversity, business planning, future growth opportunities and just about every subject that any small business person deals with. Each weekly lesson is capped by a second weekly feature called Taxi Trivia, which highlights a fact about the taxi industry, its history, or about taxicabs in popular culture.

Here's what some clients have to say about Taxi Tips

"Joe's lessons are excellent. Every taxi company should subscribe. My drivers love Taxi Tips and read them every week." David Mohebbi, Regency Taxi, Gaithersburg, MD.

"Joe Rubino truly understands what needs to be done to help drivers and companies succeed and how to get his point across. His Taxicab 101 class and Taxi Tips are a must have for any taxi company." Jeb Corey, C & H Taxi, Charleston, WV.

"I wholeheartedly encourage you to subscribe to Taxi Tips. It is well worth the money. We have added over 45 paid leases per week. The empty cabs in my lot have been converted into company revenue." Bill Scalzi, Metro Transportation, W. Haven, CT.

"The reason cab drivers love Taxi Tips so much is that it is clear to them that Joe was a driver himself, and he truly understands what they are going through. His training class was so well-received that some drivers voluntarily came back the next day to sit through the class again!" Terry O'Toole, VP, Veolia-on-Demand, Kansas City, MO.

"I wish you knew how much your Taxi Tips echo my own sentiments and ideas about driving a taxi. I display the lessons under a sign that says "For New Drivers Only." The old guys can't resist taking a copy. They read it more now than when I used to hand it to them! LOL!!!! Thanks, Joe! Tracie A. Crisante, Katt's Transportation, Wilmington, NC.

"I drive a cab at Dulles Airport & read Taxi Tips every week. Your articles are very helpful to professional drivers. Thank you." Mohammed Nabi, Checker Cab, Reston, VA.

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